Rich Media

Sidekick (IAB Rising Star)

The Sidekick is an IAB Rising Stars ad unit. It is a unique expandable unit in that it expands from the side of the screen, pushing content to the side and allowing for a large branded, interactive advertising experience. The base unit for the Sidekick is a 300x250, or a 300x600. Clicking on the base unit will expand the Sidekick panel. The ad space can allow for photo galleries, video, mini-games, and other integrated interactive apps.

For complete details and examples, please visit the IAB's website.


Please allow seven business days for testing and review.
Asset Dimensions File Size Audio/ Video 3rd Party 1x1
Initial Secondary
Base Unit Option 1
gif, jpg, png, swf
300x250 50K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A
Base Unit Option 2
gif, jpg, png, swf
300x600 50K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A
Sidekick Panel
gif, jpg, png, swf
850x700 100K Polite download: 500K
User-initiated: 2.2MB

  • For full specs and style guidelines, please see the IAB's website.
  • For Flash creative, a backup image must be provided
  • Site reserves right of final approval on creative assets

The Sidekick cannot be served in-house.

This ad unit must be served by an accepted third party vendor:

All new vendors require 10 days lead time for testing and review.