Rich Media


The Floating ad auto launches, animating over page content for up to fifteen seconds before resolving from the page. Creative may be any shape, however ad dimensions are limited by pixel guidelines. A close button must always be present for guests to remain in control of the ad experience.


Please allow five business days for testing and review.
Asset Dimensions File Size Audio/ Video 3rd Party 1x1
Initial Secondary
Floating Unit
gif, jpg, png, swf
400x400 100K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A

  • Floating: Unit must include a "close" button, clearly visible on a solid background
  • IMPORTANT: Any expand or floating creative must break out of i-Frames
  • For third party served creative, only JavaScript tags will be accepted; Iframe tags are not accepted
  • The dimensions of the floating unit can be up to 400x400, or any ratio equaling no more than 160,000 square pixels (533x300, 450x355, etc)
  • A default experience must be provided for non-compliant browsers
  • Site reserves right of final approval on creative assets
  • Capping: Applied in-house at once per user every two hours

This ad unit must be served in-house or by an accepted third party vendor:

Hardcoded URLs are not allowed.