Rich Media


The Interstitial is a full page ad experience which precedes the content page. The ad displays to the guest for five seconds before automatically redirecting to the content. The guest may also press a "Skip Ad" button to continue onto the content.

Because the Interstitial is limited to just five seconds of viewable time, interactions are limited to click throughs.

To view a live example follow the image link (right) or the text link (below) and click a link on the displayed page.


Please allow three business days for testing and review.
Asset Dimensions File Size Audio/ Video 3rd Party 1x1
Initial Secondary
gif, jpg, png, swf
640x415 60K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A

  • Interstitial: All controls for skipping the ad will be contained outside of the creative space as part of the ad template
    • Please do not include a "Skip" or "Close" button within the creative
  • Ad is not expandable, creative must be within the 640x415 dimensions
  • Animation may run a maximum of 5 seconds; on 6th second, ad will redirect to content
  • Site reserves right of final approval on creative assets
  • Capping: Applied in-house, interstitial capped at once per user per day

This ad unit must be served in-house.

Hardcoded URLs are not allowed.