Rich Media


The Peelback ad opportunity loads a small, "teaser" image in the upper right corner of the page. This image is the starting point for the page to curl or "peel" back and display the ad content. On first visit, the teaser will automatically peel back, opening up and displaying the full ad content for eight seconds. On the ninth second the peelback will auto-close. The peelback ad contains a close button that the guest may use to close the ad peel at any time.

After the initial expand, the guest may click on the teaser image to "peel back" revealing a larger advertisement. Whenever the peelback is open, the guest may interact with the creative and click through to the sponsor's site.


Please allow three business days for testing and review.
Asset Dimensions File Size Audio/ Video 3rd Party 1x1
Initial Secondary
gif, jpg, png
100x100 8K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A
722x737 60K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A

  • Peelback: May auto-expand (peel) for 8 seconds, collapses on the 9th second
  • Peelback: Subsequent expand (peel) must be user-initiated on-click
  • Peelback: A close button must be present at all times to allow the site visitor full control over the ad experience

  • Teaser and Peelback portions must be built using the Peelback templates:
  • Flash files must be built with Flash 9.0 or below using ActionScript 2 or below
  • Capping: Applied in-house, auto-expand (or auto-peel) is capped at once per user per calendar day

This ad unit must be served in-house.

Hardcoded URLs are not allowed.