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970x418 (full expand size)
970x66 Strip (non-expanding and back-up file required)

    File Size:
970x418 Strip Expand
- 60K or less, Flash
- 60K or less, Gif/JPG
970x66 back-up Strip
- 40K or less, Flash
- 40K or less, Gif/JPG

Accepted: Yes
Must be user-initiated, on click
Must include a "Mute" button
Note: Audio initiation must be its own action, if user 'clicks to expand' ad there must be a second control to initiate audio

Accepted: No

Expand must include a "Close" button (vendor served assets only, does not apply to site-served assets - see additional details below)
Re-Expansion of 970x66 must be user-initiated, on-click
Expand must close same way as expanded, if opened on "mouse-over" must close on "mouse-out" event

    Accepted File Types:
Gif, Animated Gif, JPG, Flash (see General Flash Guidelines)

Accepted: Yes, no limit

    Lead Time:
Allow five business days for testing and review

    Third Party Ad Serving Requirements:
Accepted: No - ad must be locally served by Disney Interactive Media Group

    Alt Text:
30 characters max

    Additional Details:
Site-served assets
- The top-right 35x35 pixel area should not have text, buttons, or graphics. The area will be overlaid by the expand/close button
- Expand/collapse functionality is controlled by the site.
- 970x66 backup non-expanding strip required
- Auto expand experience is limited to 8 seconds - on 9th second ad must 'retract'
- Intro panel (auto-expand) is capped at once per user per day, any additional expands will be user initiated.
- Intro 970x418 may contain an "FSCommand" at the end of its timeline so that the animation does not get cut off. In order to set this up, the main timeline must be continuous (rather than contained on inner movie symbols), and the last frame must contain the following code:
- To avoid creative revisions, this FSCommand call should be called after no longer than 8 seconds. The "stop()" command assures that the file does not loop, continually calling the FSCommand.
- If an FSCommand is not build into the Intro 970x418, a JavaScript timer will be used and due to the nature of JavaScript and webpage loading, we cannot ensure that the end of the animation will not be cut off.