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Floating portion: Up to 400x400, or any ratio equaling no more than 160,000 square pixels (533x300, 450x355, etc).
Resolving Unit: 728x90, 160x600, or 300x250

    File Size:
Floating Unit:
100k or less
Resolving Unit:
40K or less, Flash
40K or less, Gif/JPG
Polite download file size:
- Initial download: 40k
- Secondary user-initiated: 2MB
- Secondary auto-play: 500k; auto loading additional files must use Polite technology ("What is Polite Download").

    Expand Dimensions/Positioning:
Ad SizePanel Size Full Expand Size Alt Image Max File Size Initial Download File Size Max # of Panels Max Weight Per Panel Secondary (Polite) Download File Size Panel Expansion Direction
728x90 728x225 728x315 40K 40k 4 50k User-initiated: 2MB
Auto-play: 500k
Below Banner
160x600 240x600 400x600 40K 40k 4 50k User-initiated: 2MB
Auto-play: 500k
Left of Banner
300x250 200x250 500x250 40K 40k 4 50k User-initiated: 2MB
Auto-play: 500k
Left of Banner

Accepted: Yes.
Must be user-initiated, on click.
Must include a "Mute" button.

Accepted: Yes.
May be user-initiated or auto-play; if auto-play video can not exceed 30 seconds.
Video must include "Play", "Pause", "Stop", and "Mute" buttons.

Expand must be user-initiated.
Expand panel must include a "Close" button.
Floating portion must include a "Close" button.
Expand panels must close on a "mouse-out" event.

    Accepted File Types:
Gif, Animated Gif, JPG, Flash (see General Flash Guidelines).

Accepted: Yes, no limit.

    Lead Time:
Allow seven business days for testing and review.

    Third Party Ad Serving Requirements:
Accepted, via MediaMind. Fourth Party Serving not accepted.

    Alt Text:
30 characters max

    Additional Details:
Floating ad resolves to a standard ad unit, which is expandable.
Audio, Video or Flash must be reviewed and approved by Walt Disney Internet Group.
Ad must accommodate 800x600 monitor resolution (must not cause scrolling).