Rich Media

Full Page Overlay

The Full Page Overlay takes over the main content area of the guest's screen for ten seconds when initiated by the user. The site margins are not covered by the ad creative. Advertisers are encouraged to be creative within this space and to take advantage of the larger canvas. A close button must be present at all times to allow the site visitor full control over the ad experience.

An advertiser purchasing the Full Page Overlay is also required to run a 728x90 banner ad placement in conjunction with the overlay. Purchasing additional IAB media on the page is recommended, but not required. Any IAB ads must follow standard ad specs

Marvel Kids

Full Page Overlay

Please allow five business days for testing and review.
Asset Dimensions File Size Audio/ Video 3rd Party 1x1
Initial Secondary
Full Page Overlay
gif, jpg, png, swf
1180x800 150K Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: 2MB

  • Overlay: May cover page content for 10 seconds and then must auto collapse
  • Overlay: A close button must be present at all times to allow the site visitor full control over the ad experience
  • Video: May auto-play; video cannot exceed 10 seconds
  • Video: Must include controls "Play" and "Stop"
  • User-initiated: The full page overlay must be user-initiated

  • A close button is required
  • For ads served in-house:
    • Close button will be included within the ad template
    • The top-right 40x40 pixel area will be overlaid by the close button
    • Collapse functionality is controlled through the ad template
  • For creative assets built by Disney, a custom production lead time of six weeks applies
  • Full Page Overlay and IAB ad units do not both need to run through same ad server
  • Disney reserves right of final approval on Full Page Overlay submissions
  • Capping: Applied in-house at once per user per calendar day

This ad unit must be served in-house.

Important: A custom close and "show ad" button can be used for in-house served Overlay ads.

  • SWF must call 'close_overlay()' when close button is clicked

Hardcoded URLs are not allowed.