The In-App Interstitial provides advertisers a branding opportunity on Disney’s various mobile apps. The In-App Interstitial is displayed to a variety of devices and is available on a number of Disney apps including Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry. The ad size varries by device: 320×480 (smartphone – portrait), 480×320 (smartphone – landscape), 768×1024 (tablet – portrait), 1024×768 (tablet – landscape).

The In-App Interstitial is visible after the splash/welcome screen or after a level or session is played.

Accepted On

Disney Apps



Ad Specifications

Please allow five business days for testing and review.

Assets Dimensions File Size
Initial Secondary
Audio/Video 3rd Party 1x1
png, jpg,gif
320x480 (phone - portrait), 480x320 (phone - landscape), 768x1024 (tablet - portrait), 1024x768 (tablet - landscape) 30K (phone), 40K (tablet) Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A

Additional Details

  • Post-Game Interstitials appear after a level or session
  • Pre-Game Interstitials appear after the splash/welcome screen
  • This is a clickable ad opportunity – Designated URL should not call for an external browser so users remain within the app
  • Rich Media: Upper right or left of the ad will be overlayed with a Close “(x)” button through the ad system
  • Rich Media:MRAID Level 1 compliant ad tags required for Rich Media
  • Video: Video must be :15 or :30 in length
  • Video: File Size: <5MB (Recommend 10MB for faster load)
  • Video: Codec: h.264
  • Video: Frame rate: 15, 25 or 30 fps
  • Video: Bit Rate: 200-250kbps
  • Video: Format: MPEG4
  • 1×1 impression tracking accepted. All billing must be based on first party tracking.
  • Site reserves right of final approval on creative assets

General Guidelines

  • Site reserves the right of final approval on creative assets.
  • The advertising content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, as opposed to a link within site content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the advertising content.
  • Ad units that have a white or partially white background must be bound by a visible one (1) pixel non-white box built into the graphic. Creative must still meet size specifications with border.
  • All advertisers must have a privacy policy, no more than (one) 1 click from the linking page to the Ad unit.
  • Ad units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.
  • All Flash and third party creative must open a new window.
  • Placeholder or non-final ad content will not be considered as “proxies” for final creative.