The Pushdown auto-expands, pushing down the page content immediately upon page load. This ad allows a large space to communicate the advertisers message without covering site content. The auto-pushdown/ad expansion is limited to eight seconds and automatically retracts on the ninth second, allowing the page to roll-up. The guest may initiate re-expansion of the ad unit for further interaction. The Disney Pushdown follows the Rising Stars Pushdown size guidelines.

Purchasing additional IAB media on the page is recommended for a branded experience, but not required. Any IAB ads must follow standard ad specs.

Accepted On



Ad Specifications

Please allow five business days for testing and review.

Assets Dimensions File Size
Initial Secondary
Audio/Video 3rd Party 1x1
Disney.com Pushdown
gif, jpg, png, swf
Resolved Pencil
40K* Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: N/A
Disney.com Pushdown
gif, jpg, png, swf
Auto Expand Pushdown
60K* Polite download: 250K
User-initiated: 250K
Disney.com Pushdown
gif, jpg, png, swf
User-initiated Pushdown
60K* Polite download: N/A
User-initiated: 250K
* The total combined weight of the 970×90 pencil and the 970×415 auto-expand pushdown is 160K. That file weight can be allocated across the two units as needed, as long as they do not total more than 160K.


  • Pushdown: May auto-expand for 8 seconds, must collapse on 9th second
  • Pushdown: Subsequent expands must be user-initiated on-click
  • Pushdown: A close button must be present at all times to allow the site visitor full control over the ad experience
  • On select Disney.com pages with auto-start video, Pushdown Ad must pause the site video player while expanded and resume playing once the Pushdown collapses – see Development Details for more information
  • Controls: Audio snippet
  • Audio: Must be user-initiated on click and include a “Mute” button
  • Controls: Video snippet
  • Video: May be user-initiated or auto-play; if auto-play video cannot exceed 30 seconds
  • Video: Must include “Play” and “Stop” buttons

Additional Details

  • For ads served in-house:
    • Polite download file allowance does not apply to creative served in-house
    • The top-right 88×30 pixel area will be overlaid by the expand/close button via the ad template
    • Expand/collapse functionality is controlled by the site through ad template
  • Video must be streaming
  • Pushdown panels (auto-expand and user-initiated) may be the same creative and do not need to be separate assets
  • Backup non-expanding images required
  • A default experience must be provided for non-compliant browsers
  • Site reserves right of final approval on creative assets
  • Capping: Applied by ad server (in-house or third party), auto pushdown capped at once per user per day

Development Details

Important: The Disney Pushdown ad opportunity must interact with the Disney video player on any page that includes auto-start video. The ad unit should pause the video player while expanded and resume playing once the Pushdown collapses. Details below on how this can be accomplished:

Please listen for the event “MediaPlayerVideoPlay” to determine when the Video Player has loaded and then pause the player. If the ad loads prior to the video player, the ad is expected to pause the player. Below is sample code for the event listener:

function playerListen(){
  if (document.addEventListener){
    document.addEventListener('DisneyMediaPlayerPlay', autoPause, false);
    document.addEventListener('DisneyMediaPlayerStop', autoPlay, false);
  else if (document.attachEvent) {
    // MSIE 
    document.documentElement.attachEvent('onpropertychange', autoPauseIE);

The following calls must be added to the ad in order to pause and play the player:

Pause video when ad expands (auto or user-initiated):


Play video when ad is collapsed (auto or user-initiated):


Important: A custom close and “show ad” button can be used for in-house served Pushdown ads.


  • SWF must call ‘close_pushdown()’ when close button is clicked


  • SWF must call ‘open_pushdown()’ when open button is clicked

Flash Guidelines

  • Flash SWF file needs to be exported as version 10.0 or below.
  • Hard coded URLs are not allowed
  • A default GIF will be served to browsers that do not have a compatible Flash Plug-In.
  • Frame Rate: 18 frames per second.
  • Third party served Flash ads must be have a wmode set to “opaque” in their object/embed code.
  • All creatives must be designed with a solid background color to avoid unwanted color conflicts with the displaying page.

ClickTags: ActionScript 2

Click-through functions must use the “Get URL” command. The action script code needed for the button layer in your Flash file should look exactly as it is below. Do not insert your URL where the “http:” is below.

on (release) {
  if (_level0.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {
    getURL(_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");

ClickTags: ActionScript 3

The action script for the button layer in your Flash file should look exactly as it is below. Do not insert your URL where the “http:” is below.

myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function():void {
  if (root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG.substr(0,5)=="http:") {
    navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank");

General Guidelines

  • Site reserves the right of final approval on creative assets.
  • The advertising content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, as opposed to a link within site content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the advertising content.
  • Ad units that have a white or partially white background must be bound by a visible one (1) pixel non-white box built into the graphic. Creative must still meet size specifications with border.
  • All advertisers must have a privacy policy, no more than (one) 1 click from the linking page to the Ad unit.
  • Ad units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.
  • All Flash and third party creative must open a new window.
  • Placeholder or non-final ad content will not be considered as “proxies” for final creative.