These specs detail Disney’s VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) requirements. Disney accepts VAST 2.0 through Disney video player. VAST tags must also include both companion ads.

Accepted On



Ad Specifications

Please allow five business days for testing and review.

Video File

  • High-quality H.264/AAC (.mov, .mp4), preferred


  • 16:9 or 4:3


  • 30 seconds, 15 seconds, or 10 seconds


  • Impression
  • Quartile Tracking: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Clicks

Companion Units

  • 300×60

Additional Details

  • Disney Online reserves right of final approval on creative assets
  • All video submission needs to be legally cleared for use online
  • See YouTube specs for more details on YouTube placements. VAST only accepted for desktop placements on YouTube.
  • VAST 2.0 supported; VAST 1.1 not supported
  • Disney’s video players uses the companion unit that is specific within the “StaticResource” area of VAST (NOT the HTMLResource or the IframeResource)
  • Streaming video delivery preferred but Progressive accepted
  • Rotating creative must be the same length or multiple tags must be provided

General Guidelines

  • Site reserves the right of final approval on creative assets.
  • The advertising content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, as opposed to a link within site content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the advertising content.
  • Ad units that have a white or partially white background must be bound by a visible one (1) pixel non-white box built into the graphic. Creative must still meet size specifications with border.
  • All advertisers must have a privacy policy, no more than (one) 1 click from the linking page to the Ad unit.
  • Ad units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.
  • All Flash and third party creative must open a new window.
  • Placeholder or non-final ad content will not be considered as “proxies” for final creative.